digital branding

Our Seattle-based marketing team offers strategic services to build and enhance your brand

digital branding

At Renewed Marketing, we offer full-service digital branding services. Successful digital branding bridges the gap between companies and their consumers. It brings familiarity and loyalty to your product or services. It tells a story, draws people in, and creates a need. It’s why people choose you over the competition. And it’s something we specialize in here at Renewed.

what is digital branding?

Digital branding is the way you present your company online. Everything you say matters, and every shared detail should tell a story and add meaning and desirability for clients. It should attract customers, build relationships, and make your product easily recognizable through your website, social media platforms, apps, photography, video content, and other digital media. Our team is built up of writers, creators, marketing specialists, communications specialists and media professionals who are skilled at creating cohesiveness and authenticity across your digital channels.

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why do you need it?

Feeling personally involved with a business, means more today than ever before. The digital world brings businesses closer to customers by creating a space to continuously stay involved and connected. Without this connection your customers can become disengaged. With the right use of your digital channels, a user-friendly site, and great customer service, you can have an experience that feels personal to your target audience.

your social media is a helpful marketing tool

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Your online digital landscape is a portrait of who your company is, what it stands for, and why it matters. The use of social media is one of the easiest ways we can help you create a strong online presence.

Social media gives you a place to consistently engage with your customers in an easy and meaningful way. Customers want to feel like they know businesses well. They want a place to get to know your employees, your product, and stay connected in a way that feels personal and allows them to become loyal and devoted followers and buyers.

There are so many ways businesses can be found online, but without the right use of these online spaces, businesses cannot get ahead of the competition. Using digital platforms like social media, gives your customers a place to find you, which leads to more engagement with you, and a more successful understanding of your business.

what is the difference between digital branding and digital marketing?

Branding is more about customer loyalty and building recognition; whereas, digital marketing is more concerned with developing a marketing strategy to bring in new business and revenue. Both are necessary and work together, but branding is really what creates loyalty.

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how do we help you create your brand identity?

Here at Renewed, we completely understand the digital world, and we value the impact your branding has on your customers and potential customers. We strive for businesses to have greater visibility, more engagement, and stand out as a leader in their industry.

Our services give you:

what is our process?

We want to make this process as seamless as possible for you. We usually like to start with what you have already created by using your brand’s existing website and media channels and building on them. We can also start from the ground up with new businesses.


We'll start by identifying your audience.


Once we know your audience, we can then work to understand their world and needs.


Then we can add content that increases value and benefits your consumers.


Using search engine optimization (SEO) we will then make sure your digital presence is searchable by potential customers.


Then we can work on a strategy to bring greater engagement across social media channel.


If needed, we can add email marketing services to as a strategy to further promote business through digital marketing

We're ready to take your business to the next level!

Our team is ready to help make your digital world come to life with a tailored and unique experience. Let us bridge the gap between your audience and your vision and make your company stand out among your competition. Our level of work is top tier, and our hands on involvement from inception is unmatched. Let’s get started dreaming up the best possible digital branding strategy for you!

Let's get started.

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