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Renewed Marketing’s Seattle WA Web Development team will take your WEB design and development needs to create a quality website your company and clients will love.

better websites create better business

There is no better place than the Internet to get noticed. Within seconds, your company has the ability to be found online, noticed by customers, and contacted for its services. But only with a great website. Our Seattle-based website development company takes on all types of web development projects. Our team works to custom build websites; build sites using WordPress; update pre-existing sites that are old or running with outdated software; develop a maintenance strategy to improve the functionality of your site; and much more.

Our website development experts work closely with our website design and UX design team and writers as well, making sure your digital content and functionality tie together.

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why choose renewed marketing web developers?

Our Seattle web development agency is known for excellence and efficiency. We deliver a custom high quality project to each business we serve. Our developers have experience working with a broad variety of industries, and we continue to receive rave reviews about our high attention to detail on every project, as well as our level of professionalism throughout the process. Companies who choose to work with Renewed Marketing’s Seattle web design agency have an upper hand within the digital marketing industries of Seattle, Washington. Our web and mobile solutions have consistently delivered high-caliber work to each and every client we have served.

our strategy and process for building websites

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01. initial information meeting

We first meet with business owners to understand their business goals and focus for the website, including the target-audience we are going to be marketing to. This helps us to identify an overall scope for project management purposes. It also allows us to service our clients in a way that meets their specific needs.

02. create a sitemap

A custom sitemap is like a blueprint for the structure of your website. It allows us to create the framework for your site, deciding the hierarchy of pages and how they should flow. Our developer will be able to take the information gathered in our initial meeting and show you how your site will flow from page to page, and a beginning look at how the web design will start to be developed.

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03. Website design

This is where the creative aspects of a website are connected and developed. Our development services involve our designers and developers working together to create a website layout. At this stage, basic functionality and looks of your website are coming together, and we will work with you to make sure your site is tailored perfectly to your liking. We always keep the end user in mind, creating design solutions that will help businesses attract the right customers.

04.content writing

Our writers and content management experts will assist in engaging and creative marketing content to reach your audience. Our custom process means that our firm is in contact with businesses throughout this process to align our skills with their brand goals. We understand how crucial digital marketing is, and your website is one of your best ways of enhancing your marketing strategy. Our writing services will make sure your clients can easily engage with your brand during their online experience with your website.

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05. coding

This is where it all ties together. We will combine the graphic design that was previously created, with the coding, and SEO. Any CMS or WordPress plug-ins will also be installed if needed.

06. test and launch

At this point we will ensure your website is functioning properly. We take careful steps to meticulously comb through all links, writing, and media to make sure it’s running soundly. We’ll use spell-checking software to find any spelling errors. Then, we will upload it to a server and continue to run more tests to ensure everything is working correctly.

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07. maintenance

We remain committed to our clients. This means that once the final product has been delivered, we are still working with you to make sure everything is exceeding your expectations and meetings your needs.  

we're ready to help with your website project needs

We would love to work with you! We are happy to address any questions you may have about our development company’s process.

Your business deserves the experience we can offer to create a website that is user friendly, tailored to the right audience, with strong functionality, likability, and modern software that keeps you on the cutting-edge and relevant in an ever-changing e-commerce world.

we look forward to working with you!

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