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As a full-service Seattle, WA, marketing agency, we help businesses develop and grow their social media marketing services through strategic online branding and marketing.

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our vision for your social media marketing

Renewed’s Seattle social media marketing team exists to help businesses engage their target audience. We provide a comprehensive and full-service social media plan for large and small businesses to improve their content marketing strategy. Our Seattle social media marketing team approaches each business uniquely.

We want to equip each company with a custom and creative social media marketing strategy to reach their audience and meet their business goals through all social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).

why trust a digital marketing company?

Our comprehensive social media plan is meant to equip and enable your brand’s social media team to be more effective in reaching your target customers. We teach and empower your business to use marketing channels to create a tailored, online experience for your customers that meets their needs and keeps them wanting more of your brand.

The social media marketing arm of our digital marketing agency creates campaigns for your company using every advertising means possible to improve your brand. We offer marketing services including: website enhancement, content strategy, advertising, and social campaigns. Our digital marketing agency is equipped to handle every aspect of your social media marketing to thoroughly engage current and potential customers.

improving digital marketing

Our digital marketing firm believes that improving a business’ social media presence is a multifaceted endeavor that most companies don’t think to tackle or fear it to be too complicated. Social media is usually the first impression potential customers will have with your business. We recognize the value of helping implement creative means to improve your branding in order to help you effectively and strategically engage your audience.

As a comprehensive full-service social media marketing agency we also take into consideration other factors that directly impact your social presence and improve your company’s digital marketing.

Our SEO team will collaborate with our social media experts to make sure your company’s SEO is strong and effective. The best way for a brand to gain traction is through SEO services which will take place in all your social media platforms. We will also look into your Google Ads to make sure they are targeting highly interested customers with buying power into your company. With Google Ads the focus is on converting browsers into buyers. 

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what is our process?

Our Seattle, WA, digital marketing and social media agency is backed by an experienced creative team that knows how to market a brand through the use of a company’s website and social platforms.

01. initial meeting

02. Strategy meeting

03. ongoing support

01. initial meeting

Contact us and we’ll start with a free consultation for every business looking to improve their company’s social media marketing platform.

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02. Strategy MEeting


We’ll identify your goals and and business objectives for your social platforms


We’ll look into your current reach and make strategies for growing a stronger target audience (turning passive followers into loyal buyers)


Our team will perform an audit of your channels, and help make improvements where necessary (if you have a new website or social account, we identify the correct strategies for SEO to quickly get your site noticed, and also make sure your web design is aesthetically cohesive across all online sites) ​


We’ll make sure your content is compelling and creative


We’ll implement a custom schedule for posting content that best engages your audience. We also offer a paid media service for our clients to improve their current social presence and influence.

03. ongoing support follow-up meetings

We never leave our clients hanging! We want to keep increasing your brand-following and driving business. When something gets stagnant or stops working, we run numbers and help make adjustments quickly

Let's get started!

Renewed’s digital marketing agency is committed to getting you results across all digital channels. We love helping our clients thrive in all ways, and with a team of experts who know how to market businesses and increase brand awareness, we work alongside you to bring the vision of your social marketing to life.

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