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Renewed marketing is a Seattle SEO company offering strategic online marketing services to enhance your organic search engine optimization

what is seo and why do you need it?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is what allows your business website to be found online. Your brand will be noticed through a combination of things, but online marketing and SEO are both critical pieces to online visibility. The goal of our SEO services is to design a meaningful online space that is attracting the right consumers. We want both Google rankings and search rankings to generate more people finding your site. 

SEO strategies are so valuable for driving business. One of the main ways businesses are found is through online search engines, like Google. Finding your business shouldn’t be tricky or time consuming. Yet many companies get missed because they are simply not being found organically.

how will our team add value to your business growth?

Renewed’s Seattle, WA SEO services provide you with SEO solutions. Our SEO specialists are trained in web development, web design, digital marketing, internet marketing, as well as SEO methods across major search engines. Our SEO strategy is comprehensive and looks at all different angles to address the needs of each business owner we serve.

As a reputable search engine optimization company, running SEO campaigns for our clients has led to many business success stories where our SEO experts have been able to identify missing links in a company’s search results. Finding the missing link between what drives more traffic to your website and what people search for, is one major key to the SEO puzzle. We will look at your online business in order to understand your search engine results and target keywords that are working to drive traffic to your site, and discover those that need tweaking.

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pairing seo with google ads

Online ads can actually boost your business and SEO results. Making necessary SEO improvements, your website can rank higher on a Google search. With key words and phrases you can create ads that draw the exact business you are looking for, to your website.

our seattle seo
experts handle it all


We'll first conduct an SEO audit to see how your website is performing and make sure everything is up to date, user-friendly, and running efficiently. We want to have an in-depth understanding in order to identify what is working and what is not. We'll perform keyword research, and if needed, we will adjust website content to make it more tailored and meaningful to more customers, to increase organic traffic to your website. Using Google ads management, we can get a competitor analysis to see how you stack up against your competitors, and then figure out your current website traffic, and look at what is needed to increase it.


We'll start by creating your website with a focus on optimization. Our local SEO and content team can help with writing content that is optimized and tailored to your specific SEO needs. Our goal is to get your website ranked higher on Google, while also keeping your content relevant to your audience and your business goals. Our SEO Seattle team is trained to create content that is targeted and impactful.

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SEO Gives you an advantage

Your website’s optimization score can tell you a lot about how your business is performing compared to your competition. Fine tuning your website’s content can improve how well your Google Ads will perform. Our Seattle web design team works alongside our SEO experts to bring together your digital marketing and your SEO. SEO has become an integral part of a successful digital marketing campaign, and it helps a business have a greater reach with increased traffic.

Optimization is a continuous and strategic business move

Renewed’s Seattle SEO agency understands that optimization is an ongoing process which needs to be continually monitored and tweaked as needed over time. Our Seattle SEO team is able to keep a close eye on your website’s performance. Our Seattle SEO services look into all aspects of your site, including landing pages, video content, on page SEO, as well as how engaging your content is and what information is not useful.

Our Local SEO Seattle team is ready to help your business achieve the results you have been missing. With a free consultation we can quickly assess how our Seattle SEO firm can serve your business.

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